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Endless Night encore is an absurdist romcom webcomic about problematic undead disaster people, starring the god of death, a bored necromancer, a certifiably insane artist and the resident bunny girl...and the lengths they're willing to go to for love.

Set in a fictional realm between Earth and Eternity (I mean, it's probably fictional; I haven't checked and neither should you). Best described as "an experience." Heavily character-driven, chaotic, and sometimes a little insightful under many layers of dark humor. Episodes range from cute dates to paintball funerals. Disclaimer: I am not liable for loss of brain cells.


( ˘ω˘ ) (pronounced suyaa, but will begrudgingly respond to uwu)

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Some guy who really, really loves his characters (even though they're terrible people). Lives on nice comments and fanwork because rent is secondary.


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Japanese translation: Feteo / Deniseさん / ごまだれさん

French translation [ON HOLD]: HelloLeo

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