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THE VILLAINS of the endless night

Viktor Goldberg

a.k.a. Vivi / Debt Collector

Self-assessed evil God of Death and CEO of the necRomance funeral home. A sugar- and attention-craving brat that probably shouldn't be running any business. For some reason, he speaks in a British accent.

Engaged to Aurora. Pisses her off on purpose because he likes her reactions.

※ On dubiously good terms with Ricochet. Both sad clowns when you think about it.

※ He and Rémy are hiding something...

Aurora Rondeau

a.k.a. 'Rora / Boss Lady

Designated damage controller* of the necRomance funeral home. (* Doesn't fix or prevent damage. Only controls it.) Lacks most human emotions. Wherever she goes, she's in charge, whether she likes it or not.

※ Viktor's fiancée. Thinks he's okay. Surprisingly affectionate...when she feels like it.

※ Rémy's student. Thinks he's kind of awful, but they have an unbreakable bond anyway.

※ Hasn't spent a lot of time with Ricochet. The author ships them, so they'll probably be chill.

Rémy Leblanc

a.k.a. Ringmaster

(Soon-to-be former) rank 1 of the Rivlaingean social credit system. An artist and teacher whose methods are highly problematic. If he stops at kicking you off a cliff to teach you how to fly, you're probably lucky.

※ Ricochet's ex-boyfriend. Still loves her. You had a literal bunny girlfriend, you god damn idiot.

※ Aurora's mentor. She's his favorite student. That's not a good thing.

※ Has destroyed evidence of his communication history with Viktor. Probably some convoluted plot shit.

ricochet ricci

a.k.a. Rico

Resident hoppin' boppin' bunny girl. Juggling a lot of complicated emotions. Normally upbeat and very cute, and secretly capable of very cutely beating you up. The functionality of her ears is unclear.

※ Rémy's ex-girlfriend. Hasn't been at her best since the breakup. She's trying hard.

※ Should probably hate Viktor, but likes him too much to really oppose him.

※ Hasn't been very chill towards Aurora, but it doesn't seem to be jealousy...

THe heroes of st. cerise

Yutaka Naritomo

a.k.a. Hitoe

A streamer and rapper aiming to become "Destiny." Which is probably God or something. The most unbelievable part about this is that he's basically halfway there. Seriously.

※ Waiting for a fateful encounter... [CHAPTER 3]

※ Seems to have some history with Viktor. And an unrequited crush on him.


a.k.a. ???



Ji-eun seong

a.k.a. Technomancer

Ranked #2. Although her permanent grin makes her mysterious at best and hella creepy at worst, Ji-eun is rather popular for her "chill" attitude. Seems to straight up control the entire digital infrastructure of Rivlainge.

※ All of her relationships are impossible to read. She has, however, warned people not to "step on her turf..."


a.k.a. ???



ashes to ashes

Marian rietsveld

a.k.a. Mari

Unpaid intern at the necRomance funeral home. Much like the readers, she has absolutely no idea what is happening about 99% of the time. Still, she's always doing her support her favorite streamer, apparently.

※ Proud member of Hitoe's "angels." Due to her cause of death, she takes it hilariously literally.


a.k.a. ???

A broken Goddess wandering through the depths of Rivlainge. According to Viktor, he himself is the one who "broke her soul," albeit not intentionally.

Once a mischievously sweet girl, it is unclear why she supposedly hates her brother Viktor now and why she's hostile towards Aurora.

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