Last updated 2021/2/13

Q: When will you upload the next episode?

When it's done; feel free to check the progress on the front page. New episodes are available immediately upon completion for Patreon supporters first, then on the website, and later on comic apps.

Q: Can I draw fanart / create other types of fanwork?

100% YES!! All types of fanwork, including but not limited to fanart, fanfiction, cosplay, fan dubs, Let's Reads, etc. are more than welcome. (However, I might not acknowledge NSFW works, or non-NSFW content that makes me uncomfortable, e.g. genderbends.)

If you would like to monetise fanwork or have any questions related to fanwork, please contact me.

Q: What is ENe's rating? Any content warnings?

Questionably PG-13. The series deals with topics such as death (particularly suicide) and mental health through a layer of dark humour. Its heavier and more mature content is often vague and stylised, but it does contain dark themes, violence, sexual subtext and swearing.

Please use your own best judgment to determine whether this series is for you or not.

Q: (literally any question about the plot)

Consider joining the Discord fan community to get your questions answered or to discuss whatever theories you and other readers may have. As much as I love discussing the story, I do not have the time to answer everybody's questions in-depth (and don't want to spoil anything).

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