Q: When will you upload the next episode?

When it's done. You can check the progress on the front page. New episodes are available immediately upon completion for Patreon supporters first.

Q: Do you allow fanart / cosplay / fan dubs / other types of fanwork?


Q: What is ENe's rating? Any content warnings?

It's questionably PG-13, but be aware that it contains:

- a recurring theme of death and everyone being awful

- heavy topics such as self-harm (including suicide), abuse

- violence / blood       - sexual subtext       - swearing

Please use your own best judgment to determine whether this series is for you or not.

Q: (literally any question about the plot)

Consider joining the Discord reader community to get your questions answered or to discuss whatever theories you and other readers may have. I am also currently working on a wiki that will hopefully help people who want to get into the details of the lore and whatnot.